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Adidas' latest advertising campaign with a breastfeeding mum

Adidas' latest advertising campaign with a breastfeeding mum

Who has seen the new Adidas and Pharrell advertising campaign?

We have and we think its amazing using a breast feeding mamma in the campaign. It is a powerful feminist campaign featuring a diverse cast of women.

The campaign is called "Now Is Her Time" The advert stars model mum Isabela rangel Grutman, 27, who breastfeeds her newborn daughter Vida who she welcomed in May.

Pharrell is show gratitude towards all women in this latest campaign.  Heavily pregnant models Nada Vasilijevic and Pania Rose also star in this campaign.

When I had my first child 20 years ago I breastfed him for 6 months but often was starred at or frowned at. These days it is al lot more acceptable to breast feed in public and fabulous adverts like this make it even more "normal" and acceptable as it should be.

Adidas.....thank you 

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